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IEEE Meeting (ICC 2024 All Hands 8/21/23)

Chat Transcript:- and Agenda

17:43:14     From  Chi-Ming Chen : I did not receive today's Agenda
17:47:00     From  Raed Abdullah : Greetings everyone
17:56:35     From  Chi-Ming Chen : Tim: Can you share the google drive access with me? Thanks,
17:59:56     From  Upkar : Dropping off soon for another meeting, will circle back
18:00:44     From  Matin   to   Tim Weil(Direct Message) : Hi Tim,
18:02:20     From  Matin   to   Tim Weil(Direct Message) : I am in San Diego for a conference. I have to leave 6:30 Pm Denver time for my student session.
18:05:22     From  newman : Dropping off soon - will look for the minutes.
18:26:19     From  Halim Yanikomeroglu | Carleton : Dropping out as well...
18:29:00     From  MCV's iPhone 13 : Sorry, but I need to drop.
18:31:09     From  Ian Wong’s iPhone : Need to drop
18:31:58     From  Bhuvan Unhelkar : I will have to leave soon, folks.
18:32:15     From  Bhuvan Unhelkar : Tim - I will go through the recording to ensure the minutes are up to date.
18:32:56     From  Bhuvan Unhelkar : Well done Sumit
18:33:14     From  SUMIT CHAKRAVARTY : Nice to see you Bhuvan, have a safe trip back!
18:46:31     From  Adam Drobot : PAWR - Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research -
18:47:51     From  Adam Drobot :



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